Where does shadow come from? A shadow is a dark image when one light source is blocked by an opaque object. Shadows follow us everywhere and accompany every object inseparably. 


Every time I walk in a gallery, I see lots of beautiful work, but the shadow caused by the track lights on the ceiling caught my attention. Multiple light sources spot on one object can make multiple shadows beside it. Shadows are overlapping each other present many layers of grayscale. They are as attractive as the artwork. 


Opacity is an installation with light, object, and shadow collaborating. The three elements are indispensable. Although it is a simple cause and effect when the shadow changes smoothly from square to circle to square, and so on; when the blue covering the fluorescent red becomes purple, it makes people trace back to the light source and rethink the process of how shadows appear. 


Light and shadow are always with us, whether you like it or not.

Be genuine, be tender.

DSCF8415 拷貝.jpg